2015 High Octane New Jersey Cars & Coffee Allstars

What a year! Enjoy 2015's best  High Octane South Jersey Cars and Coffee moments!

The 2015 HOSJ Santa Claus Rally Photo Archives

A big thanks goes out to Mike Mauro and Mike Cashen. Their photos make our events so incredibly memorable! And thanks to everyone  who contributed to this years BIG success!  

11/21/14 Recap of Cars & Coffee NJ

There were some great rides at Saturday's Cars & Coffee. Thanks to everyone who turned out and to all of you who brought a toy. 

Don't forget our Thanksgiving Morning meet!- Same time, same place, different day

Cars & Coffee Shots from 10/25/14

Nothing Beats  High Octane Style Cars & Coffee New Jersey!

Why Bring a Toy to Cars and Coffee?

 Last year we touched over 350 youth patients at Deborah Hospital and our work went on to bring all of the joys of Christmas Morning to 34 truly deserving South Jersey families in need. 

This year WE WILL DO BETTER! Our goal is to give: 500 toys and Touch 50 Families in need. To be successful we need your help!

As we get ready for our next installment of High Octane Cars and Coffee this Saturday, it is worth pointing out some of the great behind the scenes activities that have been taking place with our friends ad the Deborah Foundation leading up to the Red Tie Gala honoring us next month and the 2nd Annual Sana Claus Rally.

The following is the brief Honoree Bio that was written to describe the work our group has done leading up to our recognition as this years Red Tie Gala Honoree and I have also included the ad that we have contributed to the Foundation as a show of appreciation.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!

Summer in the City with a GTO Looking Real Pretty.

Some of you might remember this GTO from High Octane South Jersey's What's in Your Garage segment a couple months back.

One night this Summer Dom D and Mike M hit the road looking for ...the perfect Philadelphia Skyline to use as backdrop for the latest photo-shoot of Dom's pristine 1967 Pontiac GTO.

As is usually the case, Mike M hit another home run out of the park with this shoot. Thanks to both of you guys for helping to keep our content interesting!

Cars & Coffee Mt. Laurel Shots from July 26,2014

So High Octane Cars & Coffee came up against a little nasty weather this weekend...but not before we had about 50 or so cars and owners show up, get their fill of man time and get back out before those pesky drops touched a thing.

Mike M and Mike C were on hand to work their magic and here are some great shots from yesterday's event.

HOSJ Named 2014 Honoree!

High Octane South Jersey received some incredible news this past weekend!

Our group of do-gooder car guys and girls has been named this year’s Honoree at Deborah Heart & Lung Foundation’s Red Tie Gala on Saturday November 8th, 2014.

It seems the pediatric patients and staff was truly touched by our generosity and saw it fit to bestow High Octane South Jersey with this incredible recognition.

If anyone is interested in attending this event, please let us know or email me for more details.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the event last year and a big thank you to all of those who plan on being a part of this year’s event!

Chris Scafario
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July's Ride of the Month

Our High Octane ride for July was submitted by Juan from NJ. It’s a 1994 Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R Vspec II  Right hand drive. It is a turbo charged AWD car with a sequential manual transmission from the factory. And yes it is fast!
The Skyline was imported by a company called MotoRex and it was the 3rd car imported by the company that is no longer in business.
It is unique cars like this one that make our community of car crazy guys and girls so great! Here is a big thanks to Juan for the submission and Mike M for more spectacular shots from the Philadelphia Navy Yard!