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High Octane South Jersey is a group where cars and coffee mix with friendships and a common love of the automobile. It’s a Saturday morning car meet or Thursday night out with friends.  Ultimately its where rare classic cars and exotics come fender to fender with an array of rat rods, drivers and great conversations. 

We like to keep things simple. We are not car snobs nor do we have much time for them.  We focus on good times and doing good for our community. We tend to put together or attend other area automotive events on the fly. We aim to make our experiences memorable.  We never try to profit off of our community or each other. Yet at our core, we will always do our best to support our friends and neighbors. We do this all in the celebration of good times and cubic inches.


Welove putting our cars to good use. Throughout the year we arrange a countless array of Saturday Morning Car Shows, Charitable Events, Drive and Dines and Epic Automotive Journeys.There is a good life beyond the parking lot. Join High-Octane South Jersey on our next adventure!


Stop keeping your car hobby to yourself. Break loose for a half an hour or a whole day. Don’t hesitate. Become a part of High Octane- South Jersey’s Enthusiast Community.


High Octane South Jersey is rapidly turning into the Philadelphia region’s collector car culture into one of the most spirited in the Nation. Don't let another weekend go by without filling up with High Octane South Jersey!

This site would not be complete without a special thanks to Mike C. and Mike M. who share their photography talents with High Octane South Jersey and our online community. Thanks Guys!