Cars & Coffee Shots from 10/25/14

Nothing Beats  High Octane Style Cars & Coffee New Jersey!

5.10.14 High Octane Cars & Coffee, NJ Photos

High Octane South Jersey’s Cars and Coffee at Mt. Laurel on May 10, 2014 was another great event. The rains never showed but a bunch of hot cars from as far away as Jersey City did! Thanks to everyone who helped to make the turn out super!

Mike M. should also get his own special nod for producing some of his best work yet! See everyone next weekend at High Octane Vineland!

It is Music Time with High Octane….

Go ahead, sing along...“Old McDonald had Farm… And on his farm he had some Vettes…Here a Vette, there a vette, everywhere were Corvettes. And a Shelby too… E-I-E-I-O .”

OK so our midweek photo spread might be better than the song... Anyway, here is hoping it’s a short drive to the weekend.

Until then keep the shiny side up.

4.26.14 High Octane Cars & Coffee, NJ Photos

It was an awesome turnout today! Thanks to everyone who showed up to make High Octane South Jersey's Cars & Coffee such a super automotive experience. And a big thanks to Tony P. for the 2014 Edition HOSJ T-Shirts.... and to Mike M. for ...the epic shots you see here.

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Our group would be nothing without car crazy folks like you!


Chris S