What's in Your Garage?

 What’s in your Garage?  It is an open question in our High Octane South Jersey- Cars and Coffee NJ Newsletter. Simply put, we would like to hear from you about what have and / or you are working on?

This month we have a great Camaro and a terrific write up from Doug in NJ. This is our second of three photo shoots for this month that does a lot to showcase all the types of cars that make High Octane what it is today.

Here is hoping you enjoy Doug’s submission....

Year:    1969

Make:   Chevrolet        

Model:  Camaro RS/SS

Length of Ownership:  22 years

What made you decide you needed a car like this one?

My first car was a '68 Firebird that I purchased from the original owner.  I was in high school and had a ball with that car. The 1969 Camaro was beautiful to me the first time I saw it, and it still is today.  I am a big fan of muscle cars and this Camaro is my number one choice of muscle cars.   

 What Condition was it in when purchased?

 The car was barely running.  It need brakes, engine work/tranny, however, the paint was good. 

 What have you done/ had done to it?

 I installed power disc brakes up front, rebuilt the rear brakes (drums), installed a fresh 350 small block and 350 turbo tranny, Elderbrock Performer RPM package, cam and intake, relocated the turn signals by notching the bumper directly under the headlights and replaced the factory signal lamps with projector beams.  

 Any future plans for the car?

I would like to install AC, fuel injection, larger rims, lower the rear 3/4 of a inch and upgrade the cooling system.  The ideas keep coming....it never really ends!

  Anything you want us to know about this car?

It's a clone RS/SS.  I swapped the body bushing and suspension bushings with neoprene bushings.  I am slowly replacing them with the rubber components until my teeth stop rattling.  

On my first outing with the car after having spent the winter upgrading brakes, suspension and drive train, we went to the 1994 Spring Show and Swap Meet at Englishtown.  While at the show, my wife's (who was almost 8 months pregnant) water broke! I guess our daughter was anxious to see her first car show! Of course I sped the whole way home (approximately 40 miles), the only time I had a legitimate excuse for doing so, and I did not get pulled over... But that was a good thing! After our daughter was born it was time for an interior upgrade!

RE- Amemiya, Japanese Tuner/Race Team RX7

Legendary High Octane Photographer Mike M. hit the roads this month to make his own brew of automotive art. He came back to us with three incredible photo essays of three cars that are ultra-cool and yet are as different as different can be.... Put them together as a group and you have a great summary of everything High Octane South Jersey is meant to be!

Our first of the three cars shot this month is a matte white plastidipped RX7. Who’s owner, Andy from NJ, built the car as a clone of the RE- Amemiya, Japanese tuner/race team RX7.

As an anything but stock street car, it was was converted from the factory sequential twin turbo to a ball bearing Garrett GT35R Big a single turbo. Currently its said that the motor is putting down 360hp. Nice ride Andy. Great shots Mike!

4.26.14 High Octane Cars & Coffee, NJ Photos

It was an awesome turnout today! Thanks to everyone who showed up to make High Octane South Jersey's Cars & Coffee such a super automotive experience. And a big thanks to Tony P. for the 2014 Edition HOSJ T-Shirts.... and to Mike M. for ...the epic shots you see here.

As our numbers continue to grow, please make sure you are signed up for our news letter, you can do so on our website in the contact us section. Also, be sure to share your feedback, pictures, etc... here on Facebook and on www.highoctanesj.com too.

Our group would be nothing without car crazy folks like you!


Chris S

4.12.14 High Octane Cars & Coffee NJ Photos

There was a BIG turn out for this weekend's High Octane South Jersey Cars and Coffee. Our friend Mike M. and all star photographer helped capture all the great looking cars and good times.

Please enjoy the shots that we've posted from a group and thanks to everyone who showed up to make High Octane Cars and Coffee NJ Such a HUGE success.

See you next time,


Winter Cars & Coffee in NJ is never a sure thing but here is something that is...

It is as cold as a Siberian Bride Out there.  And Wintertime Cars and Coffee in New Jersey is at the mercy of Mother Nature. As of late, she has been a cruel lady. So while we have no choice but to sit and wait it out until the weather breaks…check out a great tool for tracking classic car prices:


If enough of a make and model have sold in recent months you can get a great idea of what to buy and sell for.  Happy Hunting! And remember High Octane South Jersey is truly the largest Cars and Coffee Gathering in South Jersey. We hope to see you soon!