RE- Amemiya, Japanese Tuner/Race Team RX7

Legendary High Octane Photographer Mike M. hit the roads this month to make his own brew of automotive art. He came back to us with three incredible photo essays of three cars that are ultra-cool and yet are as different as different can be.... Put them together as a group and you have a great summary of everything High Octane South Jersey is meant to be!

Our first of the three cars shot this month is a matte white plastidipped RX7. Who’s owner, Andy from NJ, built the car as a clone of the RE- Amemiya, Japanese tuner/race team RX7.

As an anything but stock street car, it was was converted from the factory sequential twin turbo to a ball bearing Garrett GT35R Big a single turbo. Currently its said that the motor is putting down 360hp. Nice ride Andy. Great shots Mike!