What's In Your Garage?

 What’s in your Garage?  It is an open question in our High Octane South Jersey- Cars and Coffee NJ Newsletter. Simply put, we would like to hear from you about what you are working on?

 This month we have some nice shots and a write up from an organizer of High Octane SJ Cars & Coffee in NJ.  Chris from Cherry Hill, NJ gave us some background on his beautiful 1971 Jaguar E type roadster. The odds are that you have probably seen this beauty at one of High Octane’s Saturday Morning Car Shows.

Here is hoping you enjoy the pictures and the story of a car, an impulse and a dream come true.

 Year:    1971

Make:    Jaguar          

Model:  E Type (Series II OTS)

Length of Ownership:  1 year

 What made you decide you needed a car like this one?

I can’t ever remember not wanting an E-type. There are few cars in the world like it. Style, grace and pace, what more could you ask for?

 What Condition was it in when purchased?

When I found my E-type, it was obvious that the car had never been fully restored. Some might have referred to it as a survivor but I tended to see it more as car that was incredibly well preserved. While it was not a Pebble Beach Car it was clear that the car was faithfully looked after by its previous owners and always kept on the road in strong working order. 

 The Jag had been painted once a dozen or more years back but through a coat of dust it still showed well and was free of any ugly body work or major short comings. Aside from tired rag top and shoddy seats, the car’s biggest strike against it was that its then owner had grown past the age of being able to properly keep things clean and tidy. 

 What have you done/ had done to it?

Detailing the car from top to bottom helped me to take inventory of what I had to work with. The paint has been very carefully brought back to a rich luster and the original rugs and padding have been replaced with a Wilton Wool set and a more modern heat shielding insulation padding. I have also replaced the vinyl top with what I think is a more attractive, more durable German Cloth. 

 Mechanically the Carbs were gone through and the car was given a full tune-up. I have also tackled a host of small, preventive maintenance items. New hoses, all new fluids, plugs, wires and a new starter and rear U joint were also addressed during my first year of ownership.

 Any future plans for the car?

My plan is to drive the E-type a lot. It is an automotive dream come true and driving it gives me a sense of car-bliss. I intend to keep the car for a long, long time. As such, I realize this means staying on top of the systems that enable the car to turn on, turn off and run like the wind.

 Anything you want us to know about this car?

I found this car with a homemade for sale sign in it sitting on the side of the road. I was running to a client meeting but I said hell with it and gave it a look. I was sold. It was literally impossible think straight through my meeting. My original plan for the day was to finish up at my client and head down to Northern Virginia to pick up a 1972 Long Hood  911… But fate can be a funny lady. I never thought twice about leaving the 911 at the alter and running off with one of the most incredible cars ever produced.

 Aside from that, I would want to assure the world, E-types are awesome drivers and no worse to maintain than any other classic. If you have always wanted one get one, you will be glad you did.

 If not this car, what would you own?

That’s easy. Another E- Type, preferably an “Outside Latch” British Racing Green XKE Open Two-Seater or maybe an XK140 roadster.

 Owner Name:

Chris Scafario


Cherry Hill, NJ