Why Bring a Toy to Cars and Coffee?

 Last year we touched over 350 youth patients at Deborah Hospital and our work went on to bring all of the joys of Christmas Morning to 34 truly deserving South Jersey families in need. 

This year WE WILL DO BETTER! Our goal is to give: 500 toys and Touch 50 Families in need. To be successful we need your help!

As we get ready for our next installment of High Octane Cars and Coffee this Saturday, it is worth pointing out some of the great behind the scenes activities that have been taking place with our friends ad the Deborah Foundation leading up to the Red Tie Gala honoring us next month and the 2nd Annual Sana Claus Rally.

The following is the brief Honoree Bio that was written to describe the work our group has done leading up to our recognition as this years Red Tie Gala Honoree and I have also included the ad that we have contributed to the Foundation as a show of appreciation.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!