Saturday Morning Cars Tries to Spoil Christmas

This year High Octane South Jersey’s Toy Run was the victim of an attempted Sabotage by the Grinch over at Saturday Morning Cars.  Thankfully however our tale of holiday cheer had a happy ending. But our group thought the local collector car community should know what others are capable of…

A quick look at the Facebook page the organizer of Saturday Morning Cars shares with his contacts will show his comment: “All please note due to the impending Snow Storm... Saturday Morning Cars as well as many other Car Events that were scheduled for this weekend is cancelled!!!!”

It is inconceivable why the organizer of Saturday Morning Cars tried to spoil Christmas for a group of Boys and Girls that would have had nothing under their tree if it were not for Santa Clause and the goodness of strangers??? Ultimately he and Saturday Morning Cars failed but we would love to hear from him or any other regulars at Saturday Morning Cars directly as to why he would do such a thing?

High Octane South Jersey’s next Cars and Coffee is Saturday, December 28, 2013. All are welcome, even the organizer of Saturday Morning Cars. We would love to hear his side of the story.